Terra Nova National Park, established in 1957, is Canada’s most easterly National Park with 400 square kilometres of pristine wilderness. It is where dense boreal forests, rugged headlands, sheltered coves and inlets meet the Atlantic Ocean. The coastlines finger-like landscape provides a recreational haven for boaters and water activity enthusiasts. The atmosphere of the park […]


GAULTOIS & MCCALLUM – (Isolated Outports of Newfoundland’s South Coast)

(August 2021) Gaultois and McCallum are isolated fishing settlements on the south coast of Newfoundland and Labrador, in the area known as the Coast of Bays. Getting There To visit these unique outports you have to travel southbound on Route 360, the Bay d’Espoir Highway, to Hermitage, where you take a passenger-only ferry. There are […]

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CONNE RIVER – (Miawpukek First Nation)

CONNE RIVER, a First Nations Reserve, is located in southern Newfoundland’s beautiful Coast of Bays. The residents of Conne River call themselves Miawpukek Mi’kmaq, the word Miawpukek meaning ‘Middle River’. Established as a Federal Indian Reserve in 1987, the first in the province, Miawpukek is a prosperous, vibrant community steeped in strong aboriginal cultures and […]

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“I Don’t Hike With Strangers, They’re Just Friends I Haven’t Met Yet”

It is the rule we all remember from childhood “never talk to strangers”. Embedded in our brain is the idea that something horrific could happen if one chooses to talk to, or approach, a stranger. Yet, if you’re someone like me who believes people are generally kind-hearted, conversing with a stranger is a perfectly normal and innocent thing to do. There is something warmly intriguing about talking to someone who is a story untold; someone who has no preconceived notions of who I am or what I’m about.

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Fish Hook

10 years ago today you came to me, yet I knew not what you were You knocked me down, pressed my face hard into the ground with your excruciating weight upon my back I stood up, placed my feet humbly back on the ground You shoved me hard I shoved you back I hid You found […]

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